„Die Botschaft hör' ich wohl, allein mir fehlt die App“

Guttenpodder - a podcaster for webOS

GuttenPodder is a podcast download and listener app for WebOS devices. It is derrived work of drPodder, a well known podcast app by Jamie Hatfield.

I used drPodder for listening of several public radio podcast. But the development of drPodder has stopped (last version were from January 2011). A fork called "podfrenzy" wasn't continued either.
I needed some extension (e.g. a new view filter "new and not downloaded" and a new command "play all from here), some changes ("Mark all as new" changed to "Mark all visible as new") and some people demand fixes (podtrapper search did not work in webos 2.x.x). So I made those changes.

GuttenPodder is not available in the HP Applicaton Catalog (due to their prussian-like bureaucracy).
You can download the current GuttenPodder app with Preware from the Preware repository or right here .

To build GuttenPodder for yourself you need the webOS SDK and the GuttenPodder sources. (Attention: the sources are usally bleeding edge with errors, incomplete features and so on). A git repository is not yet available.

GuttenPodder is released under the GPLv3.

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Some Help

GuttenPodder is a podcast download and listener app for webOS devices. It is derrived work of drPodder, a well known podcast app by Jamie Hatfield.


Feed list

Episode List Screen

Episode Details Screen

Some Feature

Auto update / refresh

In the preference screen you can select to auto update at certain intervalls.

and every morning you pick up your webOS device, you've got already your fresh podcasts.


  • GuttenPodder's home page
  • Follow GuttenPodder development on twitter
  • Homebrew catalog entry at webos nation
  • GuttenPodder forum thread at webos nation
  • FAQ

    What is a podcast?

    A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device (Source: Wikipedia article "Podcast")

    What is a feed?

    A feed is a short file containig description, the url and some other computer readable information about podcast episodes.

    How do I delete a feed?

    As everywhere in webOS: Swipe it away (tap and hold the feed, and - without lifting the finger - swipe it to the right). You'll be asked for confirmation.

    How Do I migrate from drPodder or podFrenzy to GuttenPodder?

    The easy way: use the Import/Export-Feature with file drpodder.xml or the clipboard. You will loose the state of the feeds, but not the feeds themself.
    The other way involves coping some internal database. It will keep you all feeds, state and downloads. Hopefully. See this posting and this article for an idea how to do it.

    How do I play all Episodes in a row?

    In the episode list tap once on the title bar (that thing with the name of the feed). The menu hided there has options to play all episodes from top or from bottom.

    Or you tap an episode a little longer, and select "play all from here"

    I start downloading my episodes, they get about halfway done, then stop downloading and give me an error.

    Is there any chance your media partition is full? (check under Device Info-Phone-Available)

    Why did you steal drPodder?

    I didn't. Jamie Hatfield put his app under the "GNU public licence" (GPL). So anybody is allowed to copy and change his app as long as this copied app is put under the same or compatible licence. And the source of the new app must be published (see this page). The big advantage: If an application is discontinued by the original author, the user is not left with a starving system (at least, if a new maintainer is found).
    See http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt for the licence. And this post may help, too.

    How can I donate?

    Create, check or update documentation.
    Answer Questions in the forum.
    Buy drPodder from the HP AppCatalog, because without drPodder there would be no GuttenPodder

    Why don't you use github for the sources?

    I'll will. Someday. In the meanwhile use this place.

    Why don't you make an android app? webOS is dead.

    Yes it is. But I use it still on my Pre 3. So I will maintainig GuttenPodder until my Pre will die. Physical.

    Which feature are planned?

    A lot of features are impossible, because webOS does not support it. E.g. Speedup of podcast episodes or warning on filessystem low space. There are some ideas, but I do not promise anything (error fixing has priority):

    How do you pronounce "Gutten"?

    "Gutten" is somehow pronounced like "guten" as in the German greeting "Guten Tag", but with a short "u". An association to "Gutenberg" is seemingly, but GuttenPodder is not named after the inventor of printing.
    As you maybe know, GuttenPodder is copied from DrPodder, so you may call it "Doctorate plagiarism" (hint: german politics in 2011 ...)

    Are there any errors in GuttenPodder?

    Sure. Use the menu "Help" and the item "Send e-mail" to report. For a list of known errors see this posting on webOS Nation

    GuttenPodder is ©copyright 2012 Walter Koch (Mail, Twitter), licensed under GPLv3

    GuttenPodder is a fork of drPodder (GPLv3):
    drPodder is ©copyright 2010 Jamie Hatfield

    GuttenPodder contains code from podfrenzy (GPLv3)
    podFrenzy is ©copyright 2011 Bits Of God Software, LLC (no web site)

    The full text of the GPLv3 can be found at: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt.

    drPodder Logo Design: Jamie Hamel-Smith
    Original drPodder Logo Concept: UII

    Translations (not updated; blame me and not the translators):
    German: Toby (tklr@P|C)
    Spain-Spanish: Alejandro (erdosh@P|C)
    Latino-Spanish: Eli (Spyderekz@P|C)
    French: Yannick (yannick56@P|C)
    Klingon: Michael (roneyii@P|C)/Chris (qurgh@P|C)